International Programs

Alderson - Broaddus College (A-B)

       Our International Nursing Partnership with Alderson-Broaddus College is a four-year BSN program that allows students to take the first three years at the Arellano University Legarda campus, using the American nursing curriculum of A-B. For their final year, the students transfer to the A-B campus in West Virginia, USA to earn their American BSN degree.

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

      Our International Nursing Partnership with Edith Cowan University allows our international nursing students at the AU Legarda campus to transfer to ECU in Perth, Australia for their final year to earn an Australian BSN degree.

     Nursing students who have completed the first two years of our local BSN curriculum at the AU Legarda, Pasay and Pasig campuses are also eligible to transfer to ECU, where they may earn their Australian BSN degree within two years.   


      A five-month live-in study program at Arellano University for Chinese students who want to study and learn a short-term non-degree Business English course.

     This certificate program has 240 hours of classroom lectures and related learning experiences.


      A practicum training that allows students of Arellano University to learn more about American culture and work standards as they train in hotels, restaurants, resorts and amusement parks in the United States.

      This program is offered in partnership with First Place Inc., and open to students of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Accountancy, Business and Commerce, and Computer Science.


      Arellano University is open to all foreign students who wish to pursue bachelor and post graduate degree programs in the Philippines.

Special program for UAE students