Peace Advocacy & Volunteerism


Presently, Peace is an abstract concept looking for its way to have a piece of space in human hearts. The turmoil that we face around the world is a fact that we can’t ignore, it opens our eyes on the reality of war and the consequences it brought to human lives. The Philippines is no exception to this reality, as such we condemn atrocities and impunities that’s been going on for generations.

The Office for Community Development had its functioning program that  enable the  students, faculty, staff and community partners to have a grasp and broaden their perspective on the context of peace. To further advance this interest OCD provides forum, symposia, dialogues, workshops, seminars, human rights orientation, conflict resolution and peace and prayer rallies. With strong partnership with different international peace organizations OCD aims to provide more effective strategies in campaigning for peace and development.


Seminar on Cultural Differences (AU Pasay)

Peace Mandala Writing Workshop

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program in Arellano University is a unique opportunity for students, staff and faculty members of the Arellano community to take part in various projects and program of Office of Community Development in Nation Building.  This program aims to put volunteers into a long term formation that they can use after schooling or in the case of the staff to their respective communities.


Tree Planting in MMDA San Mateo, Rizal Landfill

Bamboo Planting in Bambusetum

Attendance to Forum on Human Rights

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