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Post date: 03/17/2017 - 22:57
Main Campus News(AU Legarda)

Joshua Anne Baldos of the School of Computer Science , Main Campus has transferred to the Federation University ( FedUni) in Ballarat, Australia under the 2+2 Pathway Agreement between Arellano University (AU) and FedUni.

The credit transfer agreement with FedUni states that BS Computer Science students who have completed the first two years of computer education in AU may transfer to FedUni , study for another two years and earn an Australian diploma and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree.

Two other students have transferred to FedUni: the first was Jessmiguel Cantos who graduated last year and the other one was Sophia Mae Sabas , who is expecting to graduate this year.

Federation University Australia (FedUni) is one of the nation’s leading regional universities with a strong tradition of education and training delivery spanning more than 145 years. It is also known for its top ranking for teaching quality, the highest level of graduate employment in Victoria and equal highest starting salary, as measured by the Federal Government’s Quality in Learning and Teaching data.

First day of school. Johua Anne Baldos took a selfie in front of FedUni, her new school and hangout for the next two years.  

Post date: 03/17/2017 - 21:29

Three students from the Arellano University-International Nursing Program (AU-INP) will be transferring to AU’s partner schools abroad, either to Alderson Broaddus University ( ABU) in Philippi, West Virginia, USA or Edith Cowan University(ECU) in Perth, Western Australia to complete their final year for Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They underwent three years of rigorous academic training in Arellano University, Legarda Campus using an American-based curriculum. The students are Mary Ann P. Alcober, Christopher Ivan R. Bernabe and Darliza K. Nepomucino. They are expected to graduate in the school of their choice and become an American or Australian registered nurses by 2018.

Upon arriving in the school of their choice they will be assisted by Ms. Kimberly White, the Chair of the ABU School of Nursing, or by Prof. Tania Beament, ECU’s Director , International and Clinical as they go through orientation and acculturation program.

The International Nursing Program was officially launched in 2006 out of the strategic alliance between Arellano University and Alderson Broaddus University (then still a College), while the partnership with ECU was established in 2009. Students from the AU-INP have been transferring to ABU since 2009 , while those who went to ECU for their final year, since 2011.

The AU-INP is the only nursing program in the Philippines which was granted by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines a Transnational Education permit for nursing. Applications for the program for School Year 2017-2018 are now being accepted.