Posted: March 17, 2017

Barely seven months from their first visit in Tokyo, AU officials were again invited to Japan, this time to Okayama City, on November 26-December 1, 2016. The group included       Ms. Alma C. Curato, VP for Finance; Atty. Frederick G. Dedace, VP for Human Resources; Mr. Pedro S. Cayco , AVP- Office of General Services; Mr. Philip Flores, Director for International Linkages; Ms. Maria Pia Angela M. Cayco and Ms. Ma. Angelica M. Cayco.

They first visited the Kousei Hospital where they met with the president of the hospital, Dr. Kazuo Sanou and had the chance to see its facilities and observe how Japanese caregivers work .

At the Kawasaki Medical and Welfare College the AU delegation had a tour of the college and observed several classes in caregiving.  They also had the chance to discuss possible collaboration with the academic heads and officials of the said college.

The AU delegation also toured Gunma University of Health and Welfare, observed some classes and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the college.  The college expressed interest in sending their students to AU for volunteer work and its intent to visit AU in February, 2017.

Aside from the same activities mentioned above, in the Takasaki University of Health and Welfare , the AU delegation sat down with the university’s officials to discuss the school’s intent to develop a program similar to AU’s International Nursing Program.


AU Delgation with Representatives of EDI Staff Builders, Kousei Hospital and Keishenkai Social Welfare Corporation
(L to R Mr. Ichiro Osawa from EDI Staff Builders, Mr. Peter Cayco, Ms. Alma C. Curato, Ms. Carisse Cayco, Representative from Kousei Hospital, Mr. Yasumasa Kaneda from keishinkai Social Welfare Corporation, Atty. Frederick Dedace, Mr. Philip Flores)


MOU Signing with Gunma University (Official from Gunma University and Atty. Frederic Dedace)


Group Photo with Officials of Okayama University


Observation on how to operate chair in bath, automatic bathing machine for the elderly.


 Group Photo with Officials from Takasaki University (2nd from left, standing is Mr. Shuzo Machida, Professor. 3rd from left,standing is Mr. Christopher Tarn, Director for International Affairs)