Citizen's Pledge of Loyalty

I LOVE my country, the Philippines and I love my people, the Filipino people. I intend to be a good Filipino citizen and be loyal to the cause of my country. I want my country to be ever free and independent and I want my people to be ever happy and prosperous. For my country and for my people, I will work and save, I will live and serve.

I BELIEVE in a good, strong, clean government. As a citizen, I deem it my duty to bear my share of the sacrifice and burden and responsibility. I will obey the law and help the government officials enforce the law. I will try to be honest, self-supporting, serviceable.

I LOVE peace, but I will fight for the sake of right, of freedom, and of justice. I love my life, but I will gladly die for the sake of my family, my people, and my God.

Alumni Pledge

I, a graduate of Arellano University, do solemnly pledge to live by the teachings of my Alma Mater and to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Arellano University Alumni Association to which I now belong.