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AU Pasig in Retrospect

FROM THE ASHES OF WAR PROUDLY ROSE Arellano University, recounts earlier history. Rightly so for it is evident that the institution, built upon high ideals and strong regard for well-accomplished men, rose with same great people after the ordeal of war.  

That was sometime July 1946, when Mr. Florentino P. Cayco Sr., the great educator, Founder and first President of Arellano University expanded his constituency by establishing Arellano University Andres Bonifacio High School, in Pasig City. Then located in the heart of the City known as Dr. Pilapil, it was named Arellano Junior College offering courses for commerce, education, secretarial and high school. While it was a moment of recovery from the devastation of war the time also promised the emancipation of the mind from the same tragedy by building hope and affirming glory; education brought the answer to that need. People from all directions flocked to Arellano Junior Colleges to enroll. Enrolment swelled no doubt that there needed be morning, afternoon and night classes after that.

The school prospered fast under a succession of several administrators: Dean Lorenza O. de Jesus and Mr. Vicente Lavides. It was inevitable. And sooner than was expected there was the need to shift to another location to give way to its improvement needs and adapt to the public it serves. Relocating to Caniogan it was re-named Pasig High School, and was housed in what was then called Lily Apartments right in front of a public school, and offered courses for college, high school and elementary, a little later to be exclusively for secondary school students only. It was under the direction and supervision of a certain Ms. Fermina Kagahastian for a time and Mr. Isidro Figuracion. Rapid developments were also changing the City: there were more roads and bridges and better transportation. It meant both an opportunity and a challenge for the Institution.

In March 1977, Arellano has acquired a 13,000 sq. m. lot in Caniogan, just near its old location, and there built a 30-room building. The campus in keeping up with the policy of naming its branches after prominent and great men in Philippine history, has become known as Andres Bonifacio High School and there housed students from the old campus. In 1978 Attorney Alberto Matela, was succeeded by Mrs. Priscila Alfonso Melendres who directed the school until 1962. In 1979, an imposing four-storey building was built.


MARIA PAZ A. MAGSALIN boasts of a rich educational experience after her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 1986 from the University of Santo Tomas. In 1991 she graduated from her Bachelor of Laws from the Arellano School of Law, and thence on continued her Masters in Business Administration under CSC Scholarship Grant at the Ateneo Graduate School for Business in 1995.  By 2001 she stood tall with her torch of success as a holder of a Masters in Public Management under the very much exclusive Lee Kuan Yew Fellowship Scholarship Grant at the National University of Singapore and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

A highly-driven and successful woman she remained challenged by her academic background and proved herself more by her other professional accomplishments in the field of business, administration and public service. Her animated character and lively face flung her up to be the Assistant General Manager of Administration and Corporate Planning at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office being one of the early CESO III Officer. She was likewise the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, and Treasurer, of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Provident Fund. Not only that, she would soon take and win the position as Chairperson for the Promotions and Selections Board. For a while from 2008-2011 she handled several Chair positions for Bidding and Awards Committee, Car Plan, and Grievance Committees.

Not only is Mrs. Magsalin a dedicated civil servant, she is in fact by intelligent preparation and self-management a very solid candidate for achievement. It is evident she invested much in effort and time by attending seminars and trainings among them: international conferences related to her career, the National Convention on Social Security in 2004, the 2009 Third Strategic Management Program by the Association of Government Internal Auditors as spearheaded by the renowned producer of the best management people, the Asian Institute of Management, and the Performance Management System of the Civil Service Commission in 2010. She was also the recipient of the award given by the Arellano Law School for  One of the Outstanding Alumnus in 2010.  

Versatile as she is and yet is lowly and humble in that, she can be proud of her other great experiences being an assistant corporate secretary, manager, assistant general manager and currently  as an educator, Dean, and school administrator as the Assistant Vice President of Arellano University-Pasig (Andres Bonifacio Campus).

Mrs. Magsalin is the proud and happy wife of Atty. Mariano F. Magsalin Jr. and mom to Maxine.