Computer Science


The School of Computer Science of Arellano University aims to produce competent graduates in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science who can play a productive role both in the practical and research areas of computing. Emphasis is put on the practical application of computer systems to meet the needs of the global industry. The SCS specializes in the following areas:

  • Database and Multimedia Systems
  • Programming Language and Compiler Construction
  • Software Engineer and Software Quality Control
  • Distributed System and Communication System
  • Web Publishing, Web Casting and Web Hosting

Computer education plays a crucial role in the techno-industrial and socio-economic growth of every country. It has, in fact, revolutionized the world around us. Today, we need computer experts in almost all walks of life, be it in the industry, R&D organization or in the academic institution. The graduate of AU SCS meets the highest standard of training for diverse areas of computer science. Faculty expertise is relevant to both the Software and Hardware industry. The ICS-AU has a number  of laboratories equipped with the state-of-the-art computer systems running along a wide range of applications with specialized software supporting the courses.

The BS degree in Computer Science offers the prospects of some of the most lucrative jobs available both here and abroad. Some of our graduates have joined multinational companies while others are pursuing higher studies at foreign universities of international repute. By joining the AU SCS, you enter a futuristic career of great promise.

Goals & Objectives

The college aims to attain the following goals:

  1. To produce graduates who will be competent and efficient Information Technology professionals.
  2. To develop and offer computer courses attuned to the needs of business, industry and society as a whole.
  3. To integrate the values of social responsibility, discipline, honesty, creativity, team-work  and integrity.
  4. To network with government and non-government organizations.

The School of Computer Science, in consonance with the objectives of the Commission on Higher Education, expects the student of the College:

  1. To develop analytical and logical thinking;
  2. To apply different programming skills and techniques in developing simple to complex programs
  3. To employ acquired knowledge in making decisions and in dealing with  real life problems;
  4. To develop student autonomy and responsibility and love for work; and
  5. To assimilate and demonstrate the values and traits of loyalty, honesty, integrity and social responsibility.

Course Offering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Contact Information

The School of Computer Science
Arellano University
2600 Legarda Street, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. 734-7371 to 79 local 213