Florentino Cayco Memorial School Graduate Studies School of Business


Arellano University has established its business graduate program to help students develop skills and acquire knowledge that will enable them to function in an ever-changing business environment.

The Graduate School of Business is development-oriented, aiming to produce competent managers who act as custodians of resources for business development. The University's Graduate School of Business was established to address the needs for a functional and responsive educational program in a developing economy.

The University's Graduate School of Business aims:

  1. To prepare men and women for responsive careers in business and government.
  2. To provide students with a well-rounded business education through the development of analytical skills, the virtue of hard work and abilities for clear thinking.

Course Offerings

  • Master's degree in Business Administration

    - General Management
    - Marketing
    - Operations
    - Organizational Management
    - Finance

Contact Information

Office of the Registrar
Arellano University
Graduate School
2600 Legarda Street, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. 734-7371 to 79 local 227