Community Empowerment Program

The Community Empowerment Program (CEP) is one of the core programs of Arellano University under the Community Development Department which is focused on the capacity building of partner communities towards self-reliance. CEP helps manage and facilitate the sustainable programs and services of Arellano University to squarely fit to the needs of our selected partner communities. These programs and services fall under four main categories: (1) skills training and capacity building, (2) health care services, (3) educational services, and (4) community fellowship and outreach. Moreover, the program utilizes holistic approaches catering to the life-cycle of people that would enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) in handling community programs and projects and being productive individual in the community. CEP encourages participatory approach as a strategy to empower the people in achieving their fullest potential for sustainable development.

The following are the objectives of the program:

1. To identify and network with possible urban and rural communities;

2. To facilitate the implementation of CBHP and other Community Development programs in our partner communities;

3. To partner with Arellano Institutes and Branches, non-government organizations and other bodies for the development of KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) and community-based projects of partner communities.


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