Social Awareness in environment & Agriculture


Social Awareness Building is a program that addresses social issues that need information dissemination or processing such as social analysis and visioning, economic upliftment, ecological preservation and more. Information is imparted through various media such as rallies, dialogues, fora, exhibit, concert, book drives, etc. It is through this program that Curriculum Integration of the various AU courses is also undertaken.

Issue based advocacy is also disseminated through this program. Through Social Awareness Building social issues are easily understood by the students and come-up with an action plan to address issues. Here, the office for Community Development finds volunteer who are willing to participate in making and creating solution that will uplift the lives of the people.


National Carabao Congress | Monuz, Nueva Ecija

BCDP Monitoring | San Miguel, Bulacan

National Kakao Congress | San Fernando, Pampanga