Admission System

Arellano University adopts an open-admission, selective retention policy. Consistent with its mission-vision, it welcomes all students interested in the pursuit of scholarly learning, regardless of race, creed, religion and personal circumstances. Everyone desirous of education within the framework, atmosphere and standards set by the school is assumed to possess the minimum intellectual, emotional and physical requirements ordinarily expected of a student. Once admitted to any of the University's programs, the student has the responsibility to maintain the required level of achievement to be allowed continuous enrollment.

The University's open-admission policy does not apply to students intending to enroll in the International Nursing Program. The admission policies and requirements of the program adhere to those of the University's partner school in the United States of America, Alderson-Broaddus College. You will find them in the admission requirements section of the International Nursing Program page. The transfer-admissions requirements needed for transfer to our foreign partner schools are indicated in the webpage of each program.