Business English for Non-English Speaking Students

AU designs and implements English training programs tailored to suit specific needs of a particular group of foreign students. We welcome students from any country who desire to enhance their English communication skills and experience Filipino culture.

The pioneer English training program that AU implemented for foreign students is the Business English Program for Chinese Tertiary Students. The program was born out of the collaboration of AU with Guangxi Agricultural Vocational and Technical College (GAVTC) in 2007. The pilot program became such a success that GAVTC decided to send at least one batch of students annually. As AU gained a reputation for being an effective provider of Business English training, more schools from the Peoples Republic of China expressed interest to have their students undergo the training program. Now, AU is partnered with three more schools in China namely: Guangxi Modern Vocational and Technical College, Behai Vocational College and Guangxi International Business College.

Students from GAVTC of Nanning, China pose behind AU officers and GAVTC officers after their orientation to the Business English Program held in AU Pasay.

The program is designed to equip the students with practical, commercial and cross-cultural communication skills, both written and spoken, that will ensure their effective and productive participation in different business activities such as sales, marketing, presentations, reports, etc. It also aims to develop the fluency of the students in conversational English, encouraging them to interact with other students of the University while utilizing the language. The program takes place within a period of five months and culminates with a term paper presentation and an on-the-job training in selected Filipino companies. The program is handled by a select group of faculty members from the Business and Language departments of AU. These faculty members are experienced in intercultural teaching, capable of delivering the course while being sensitive to the distinct culture of their students.

The program also fosters the exchange of culture and education. The Chinese students are carefully integrated into the mainstream of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to promote culturally relevant interaction between them and Filipino students and faculty. Educational tours are also organized for the students to better appreciate our culture, and the historical and current links between their country and ours.

Transfer Requirements

1. Recommendation from school of origin

2. Special Study Permit

Note: The University’s Admissions Department and International Programs Division will assist the students in securing the study permit.