Filipino Students with Dual Citizenship

A person is a Filipino Citizen under the present constitution if at the time of his/her birth the father or the mother was a Filipino Citizen. The following are the requirements and procedure of the enrollment of a dual citizen to AU:

1. Before enrolling in AU, the student has to apply or file with the Bureau of Immigration(BI) a petition for confirmation of his Philippine Citizenship by submitting the following documents among other BI requirements:

a. Certificate of Authentication by Philippine Consul of the Statement of Live Birth of applicant issued by the Civil Registrar of the Foreign Country of applicant's birth

b. Certificate of Authentication by Philippine Consul of the Affidavit of Citizenship executed by applicant's parent that at the time of applicant's birth, the said parent was a Filipino citizen

c. Certificate of Authentication by Philippine Consul of the Statement of Marriage of the student's parents;

d. National Statistics Office (NSO) authenticated birth certificate of student's parent who is/was a Filipino

e. Identification Certificate by Philippine Consul; the Oath of Allegiance; and the Order showing that applicant's parent reacquired his/her Filipino citizenship;

f. Photocopy of applicant's Foreign Passport

g. Photocopy of the Foreign Passport of applicant's parent

2. Once BI's favorable resolution is approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ), the student applies with the (a) Philippine Consul a late report or statement of his live birth; (b) and thereafter, applies with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for issuance of his/her passport;

3. The student submits the following documents to the Registrar's office

a. Academic Records issued by the foreign school duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Post at the place where the school records were issued

b. NSO authenticated copy of birth certificate

c. Copy of data page portion of Philippine passport.

4. Enroll following the standard enrolment procedure of AU