Foreign Students

Foreign Students Enrolling in AU from School Abroad

Foreign students who enter the Philippines with a Tourist Visa have to convert the visa into a Student Visa prior to enrolling to AU. The following are the steps required for a foreign student's enrollment:

1. Submit the following documents to the Registrar's Office:

a. Academic Records issued by the foreign school duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Post at the place where the school records were issued;

b. Proof of adequate financial support to cover the expenses for the student's accommodation and subsistence as well as school dues and incidental expenses
(e.g. Affidavit of Support);

c. Photocopy of data page portion of passport (Bring the passport for verification);

d. Personal History Statement signed by student with a 2x2 inches photograph recently taken (Personal History Statement form can be secured from the registrar's Office);

2. Execute a notarized letter to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for conversion of Tourist Visa to Student Visa (to be done with the assistance of the Registrar's Office);

3. Secure a notarized Letter of Acceptance and a Letter of Endorsement, both separately addressed to the BI, from the Registrar's office;

4. Apply for (1) medical certificate issued by the Bureau of Quarantine and International Health Surveillance and (2) Clearance Certificate with the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency , which are both affiliated with BI.

5. File with the BI a notarized BI application form for conversion of visa with documents stated in nos.2, 3 and 4 above, copy of passport and other documents that may be required by BI.

6. Upon issuance of Student Visa, student may now officially enroll in AU following the standard enrollment procedure.


Foreign Students Transferring to AU from a Philippine School

1. Secure the following documents from the previous school:

a. Transfer Credential
b. Copy of grades for evaluation purposes
c. Certificate of Good Moral Character
2. Secure a clearance or permit to transfer to AU from the Office of Student Services in the CHED-NCR;

3. Apply for transfer in AU submitting the afore-stated documents to the Registrar's Office.

4. Enroll following the standard enrollment procedure of AU

5. Coordinate with the Registrar's Office for the renewal of Student Visa and in obtaining the official Transcript of Records from the previous school. The ToR should have the note "Copy for Arellano University".

Note: Foreign students will have to pay an acceptance fee on the first semester and a foreigner's fee for every semester.