IPD Team

IPD is headed by the Vice President for International Programs. Working directly under him are the Director for International Academic Linkages , the Program Director for the International Nursing Program , a Program Officer , Project Officers and an Administrative Assistant. Our team is dedicated to fulfill our objectives and is committed to continuously enhance the internationalization program of AU. Our staff have been trained here and abroad to stay abreast with the current trends in the world of international education.

The Vice-President for International Programs, Mr. Mario F. Sales, provides the leadership and overall direction and framework of the IPD.

The Director for International Academic Linkages, Mr. Philip M. Flores, manages the formation, development, implementation and marketing of international programs. He is responsible for exploratory ventures towards the formation of new partnerships or the expansion of existing ones. He also initiates coordination with the different academic and support units of AU for program implementation or for conducting international activities.

The Director for International Nursing Program, Dr. Emerita C. Mendoza, manages the implementation of the INP curriculum, supervises faculty training and development, monitors students’ progress here and abroad, and coordinates with our counterparts in our partner foreign nursing schools.

The Program Officer, Mr. Angelo Herrera, supports the Director for Academic Linkages in coordinating with existing and potential partners and with the academic and support units of AU. He is also in-charge of recruitment and functions as the Admissions Officer for the International Nursing Program.

The Project Officers for the Business English Program for Chinese Tertiary Students, Mrs. Priscila Bustonera and Mrs. Nilda Nava supervise the program implementation and all the activities of the students, may it be curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular. They also coordinate with the different academic and support units of AU to assure the delivery of quality education to our Chinese students.

The Administrative Assistant, Ms. Princess Bonifacio, assists in the conduct of all IPD activities and manages the flow of information and communication in the office. She also handles information dissemination to students and acts as liaison officer to certain local partners of AU that provide international exposure to our students.

We invite you to contact us and we will be happy to find out how we can help you fulfill your desire to experience international education or to become one of our international partners!


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  Project Officer for Business English Program for Chinese   Tertiary Students
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