Modern Greek Language Training

Arellano University offers language training for individuals who wish to learn Modern Greek. This course is open to any individual who desire to use Greek as a medium of communication either in the workplace, in their household, or in any aspect of their everyday lives. The program is expected to meet the language needs of sea farers and other professionals employed or who wish to be employed by companies that are owned or managed by Greeks. The course is also ideal for Greek nationals living in the Philippines who wish to retain or obtain knowledge of their native tongue. The course duration varies according to the learning needs of the students. It may run for 54 hours, 27 hours and 9 hours. A one-on-one tutorial arrangement is also available. The program may be conducted in at any campus of AU, or at any venue mutually convenient to the students and our professor. The class is conducted by Dr. Alex Makedon, a Greek national who has an extensive teaching experience in the United States and a mastery of foreign languages.