Administrative Officials

Program Chair and Dean of Colleges


Gary C. Huang, M.B.M.
Asst. Vice President, Jose Abad Santos Campus


Archieval A. Rodriguez, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Education, Jose Abad Santos Campus
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Ms. Arlene Blaise T. Cortez, Ed.D.
Program Chair, College of Nursing, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Mr. Melchor G. Erise, M.S.C.S.
Program Chair, School of Computer Science, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Ms. Mary Jean N. Manalili, M.B.A.
Program Chair, School of Business Administration, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Ms. Florenitte C. De Guzman, M.B.A.
Program Chair, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Mr. Bernard U. Ebuen, M.A.E.
Dean, College of Medical Laboratory Science, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Ms. Maria Cristina R. Ramajo, M.A.N
Program Chair, School of Midwifery, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Principals of High School and Elementary Department

Maria Adela DC. Santos, M.A.E.
Principal, Principal High School Department, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Emily H. Escobido M.A.E.
Principal, Elementary Department, Jose Abad Santos Campus

Iryl D. Nungay, Ed. D.​ 
OIC, Principal, High School Department, Elementary Department, Apolinario Mabini Campus