Posted: December 6, 2017

     Twenty six Nursing, Child Welfare and Physical Therapy students from Gunma University Health and Welfare ( GU) , our partner school in  Gunma Prefecture, Japan experienced the Filipino culture and observed  healthcare practices during the Community Clinical Placement Program (CCPP) of Arellano University last September 4-9, 2017.  They were accompanied by two clinical instructors from GU, Yoko Kobayashi and Chiharu Nishiyama.

     The CCPP started with an orientation at Arellano University presided by Dr. Emerita Mendoza, INP Director, followed by a tour on the different colleges. Students visited the Mini Hospital, Nursing Skills Laboratory and the Rehabilitation area at Arellano University. A facility tour  was also conducted at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, a government  hospital wherein they  observed  the practice of maternal and child nursing. They were exposed to several areas in the hospital such as the delivery room, labor room, obstetrics ward and nursery. At Lanuza Health Center and Lying-in Clinic,  the students were involved in providing care to mothers and geriatric patients in the facility.

At the National Center for Mental Health(NCMH), a government hospital,  they were given an overview on the system of the largest psychiatric facility in the Philippines  and a walk around the different pavilions. At the Medical City, one of the biggest private hospitals in the country, they observed the  state-of-the art facilities of  hospital.

Some of the highlights of the program were the School Screening and Head Start which took place at AU Elementary Department. The said activity was a joint program with the second year International Nursing Program students and supervised by the INP faculty. They were able to  assess the Grade 2 pupils on their nutritional status, hygiene and vision and had  fun-filled learning activities for the children.

     The third day of the program was  a rich cultural experience as they took on a historical tour at the famous walled city of Intramuros. The group was accompanied by Mr. Philip Flores, Director for International Academic Linkages. 

     The last day of the CCPP was spent with the patients of Child Haus wherein the students happily engaged themselves with  the children, teaching them  how to do origami and giving them  coloring materials for arts and crafts. The program was concluded by a post evaluation activity as they share their experiences, insights and recommendations followed by the awarding of certificates.-With reporting by Carla May P. Cara,RN,MAN

GU Nursing students. Nursing students of Gunma University Health and Welfare together
with their Clinical Instructor, Yoko Kobayashi(seated left),  Dr. Emerita Mendoza INP Director
( extreme right )  and INP Faculty, Ms. Carla Cara ( extreme left)  and Mr, Ruben Ramos
( in white shirt with black collar).

Child Welfare and Physical Therapy Students.  The guests from  Gunma University headed by
their Clinical Instructor, Chiharu Nishiyama( standing, in black shirt) ,  and officials and faculty of the
International Nursing Program of Arellano University.  

The orientation was followed by a walk through on the different pavilions at NCMH.

At the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital.  The guests find their visit of the hospital interesting ,
and  smiled at the camera with their instructor , and Ms. Ma. Cristina Ramajo ( standing, extreme right) ,
Program Chair of the School of Midwifery  of Arellano University.


Fun with AU elementary students. The students provided fun activities for the grade 2 pupils of
Arellano University during their Head Start.

Scoliosis screening and height measurement. Students of the International Nursing Program of  AU assisted 
the CCPP participants in the conduct of  scoliosis screening and height measurement of elementary students.

At The Medical City. One of the head nurses of The Medical City, one of the best equipped
hospitals in the country,  explains the  state-of -the art facilities and services of the hospital. 

At the Child Haus. The CCPP participants had a wonderful time interacting and playing with the children patients who showed great interest in origami.

Post activity evaluation.  Each student shared  his/her insights  after all the activities  in the different hospitals.


Wear it proud! Students show off their certificates while wearing the Arellano University  shirt.