News Briefs - June, 2017

Posted: July 7, 2017

Basic Education Department Conducts Faculty Development Training for  Elementary and Senior High School Teachers

     The Basic Education Department and the School of Education conducted seminars for the 70 elementary and 670 senior high school teachers from the seven campuses of Arellano University (AU) in preparation for SY 2017-2018. The 10-day activity was organized and managed by Dr. Eduardo O. Dela Cruz Jr. , Dean of School of Education, Main Campus; Mr. Peter G. Romerosa, Principal of the Elementary Department, Main Campus; and Ms. Anavelle O. Gambayan, Principal, High School Department, Juan Sumulong Campus.

     Held on June 8-10, 2017 at the Paulino Cayco Hall, the faculty development training of the former had for its theme Responding to the Changing Education Landscape : Theory and Practice. The topics discussed and their respective resource persons included the following :


Teaching Creative Communication Arts                                                                    Ms. Leslie Lofranco

Preparing a Reading Program                                                                                  Ms. Carolyn Bumanglag

Teaching the 21st Century Mathematics                                                                   Dr. Eduardo OP. Dela Cruz Jr.

Cultural Neuroscience: Informing the Best  Classroom Practice                              Mr. Peter Romerosa

Redefining the Practice of Teaching in the
K-12 Curriculum: Teaching Strategies and Art of Questioning                                 Dr. Rose R Dedace

Inclusive Education : Dealing with Pupils with Exceptionalities                                Prof. Myra Trinidad T. Tantengco


     Teaching Demonstrations were held on the third day of the training .

     The occasion gave the teachers the opportunity to meet their fellow mentors coming from the other campuses.

     The SHS faculty development training was held on June 1-10, 2017 with the AU deans, program chairs and college faculty members as facilitators. On the first three days, the old (teachers who taught Grade 11 in SY 2016-2017) and new teachers that make up the 670 mentors were divided into three groups with the following resource persons facilitating the seminars on the following topics:


      Opportunities and Challenges on Grade 11
         Implementation, SY 2016-2017

Results of the Quality Assurance Evaluation by                                                         Dr. Eduardo O. Dela Cruz, Jr.
                                                                                                         DepEd Dean, School of Education AVP, Basic Education Dept.

Characteristics of an Effective Teacher The Art of Questioning                                 Dr. Rose R. Dedace
Ethics and Values of the Teacher                                                                        Faculty, School of Education  

Teaching Strategies, Contextualization And Localization                                           Dr. Ferdinand Lacuata          
                                                                                                                       Director, Research and Publications

Brain Plasticity: Understanding the Development of Teenagers                                 Mr. Peter Romerosa
Qualitative Research                                                                                   Principal, Elementary Dept., Main Campus     

Quantitative Research IMRAD                                                                                   Dr. Ferdinand Lacuata
                                                                                                                       Director, Research and Publications

Review of Test Construction Principles
Review on How to Make Dynamic
   Learning Program (DLP) Activities
Pointers on How to Teach Effectively;                                                                        Dr. Archieval Rodriguez
   Making the Students Participate in the Class Activities                  Dean, School of Education/College of Arts, JAS Campus

      On June 5-6, the old and new teachers were divided according to the track that they are going to teach. Discussing the modules prepared for specific tracks were the following:

Mathematics                                                                                                               Dr. Archieval A. Rodriguez
                                                                         Dean, School of Education/ College of Arts and Sciences , J. Abad Santos Campus

Science                                                                                                                       Dr. Eduardo M. Lorico
                                                                                                                               Faculty, School of Education

Information and Communications Technology                                                           Ms. Geraldine M. Rilles
                                                                                                                  Program Chair, School of Computer Science

ABM- Management and Entrepreneurship                                                               Ms. Maybelle Joy M. Matol
                                                                                                                   Faculty, College of Business and Commerce

Accounting                                                                                                                Mr. Percy C. Garcia
                                                                                                                       Program Chair, College of Accountancy

Language ( Filipino, English )                                                                                   Dr. Ferdinand C. Lacuata
                                                                                                                        Director, Research and Publications

Social Science/Personality Development                                                                Dr. Michael C. Hermogenes
                                                                                                                                Faculty, School of Education

Physical Education                                                                                                  Mr. Louie Anchilo
                                                                                                                                 Ms. Rizzenellie Gonzales
                                                                                                                              Faculty, School of Education

Home Economics                                                                                                    Dr. Mitchell A. Borja
                                                                                            Program Chair, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Caregiving                                                                                                               Ma. Cristina R. Ramajo
                                                                                                                      Program Chair, College of Midwifery

     On June 7-9, only the new teachers attended the seminars. The topics discussed were the following :

Mission and Vision of Arellano University

The K-12 Curriculum
21st Century Learning                                                                                              Dr. Eduardo O. Dela Cruz Jr.
A Walk through of the Subjects per Learning Area                                    Dean, College of Education, Main Campus

Understanding the 21st Century Learners                                                               Mr. Peter Romerosa
Multi-Cultural Perspectives                                                                         Principal, Elem,. Dept, Main Campus

Understanding the 21st Century Teacher
Characteristics of an Effective Teacher
The Art of Questioning                                                                                            Dr. Rose R. Dedace
Ethics and Values of A Teacher                                                               Faculty, School of Education, Main Campus 

Principles of Teaching                                                                                             Dr. Ferdinand. C. Lacuata
Teaching Strategies Across the Disciplines                                                   Director, Research and Publications

The Dynamic Learning Program (DLP)                                                                   Ms. Adela Santos
Preparation, Utilization and Marking                                                        Principal , J. Abad Santos High School
of DLP Activities



Summative and Formative Assessment
KPUP and Blooms
Computation of Grades
Remediation Program
Workshop                                                                                                                 Dr. Eduardo O. Dela Cruz Jr.
                                                                                                        Dean, School of Education AVP, Basic Education Department


Arellano University Campuses Participate in Earthquake Drill

     The administration officials , employees and workers, teachers and students from pre-school to the college departments joined the nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill organized by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) held on June 29, 2017 at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon .

     At the sound of the siren, everybody left their room briskly in an organized manner , with the Duck, Cover and Hold gestures , and proceeded to their assigned areas in the grounds.

     Ms. Victoria Trivino, Dean of Student Affairs of the Juan Sumulong Campus noted that the students have shown improvements in their movements, compared with the previous drills. All the buildings were emptied , and people were assembled in the grounds in five minutes. This is a great achievement by NDRRMC standards.


Nursing Batch 2020 from Three AU Campuses and  the INP Receive their Cap

     With the theme Embracing the Core Values of Nursing: Challenges, Opportunities , Readiness Toward Life Long Learning , the Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony of the College of Nursing of the three campuses of Arellano University was held at the Summit Hall of the Philippine Convention Center last June 30, 2017.

     Receiving the nurse’s cap in the ceremony indicates that a student nurse has completed his/her school work and would begin his/her hospital training. The nurse cap is also a symbol of one of the noblest professions – nursing.

     Included in the 2020 Batch are 73 nursing students from the three campuses, eight of whom are students of the AU International Nursing Program. Of the eight, four are expected to finish their studies in Alderson Broaddus University in West Virginia, USA and the other four would proceed to Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

     The Guest of Honor and Speaker in the occasion was Ms. Marilyn U. Roque, an AU nursing alumna currently working as Quality Adviser, Advinia Health Care, Hounslow, Middlesex, United Kingdom.

     Present in the ceremony were Asst. Vice President for Personnel Services , Ms. Grace Cayco; Atty. Roland Niedo, University Registrar; Dr. Remedios LO. Fernandez, Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing; Director of INP, Dr. Emerita C. Mendoza; Program Chairs of the College of Nursing, Ms. Leonora P. Borromeo, Main Campus, Ms. Marlene R. Padua, A. Bonifacio Campus ( Pasig City), Dr. Arlene Blaise T. Cortez, Jose Abad Santos Campus, (Pasay City), faculty members from the three campuses and parents of the nursing students.