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Post date: Friday, April 22, 2016 - 10:07
Jose Abad Santos Campus News(AU Pasay)



Dr. Eduardo Dela Cruz, Asst. Vice President for Basic Education and Dean of the School of Education, Main Campus; Mr. Peter Romerosa, Principal, Elementary Dept., Main Campus; and Dr. Archieval Rodriguez, Dean of School of Education, AU in Pasay.


Chairman and CEO Francisco P.V. Cayco of Arellano University


Guest Speaker, Mrs. Corazon Dayro-Ong 


Chairman Cayco congratulating Ms. Corazon Dayro-Ong, Guest Speaker


Pre – School Honor students 


AVP for Student Personnel Services Grace V. Cayco, Vice President for Marketing Valente V. Cayco and AVP for General Services and Property Custodian Peter S. Cayco


(Left to Right) Dean of School of Education Archieval Rodriguez, HTM Program Chair Florenitte de Guzman, Ms. Eliene Visda, Head, Office of Student Affairs, Jose Abad Santos Campus; AVP Grace Cayco, Student Personnel Services Main Campus; Ms. Maria Adela D. Santos, Principal , Elementary and High School Departments, Jose Abad Santos Campus; Ms. Corazon Dayro-Ong, Guest Speaker; Dr. Arlene Blaise T. Cortez, Program Chair, College of Nursing, AU in Pasay; Dr. Erlinda G. Dejarme, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, AU in Pasay; and Ms. Mary Jean N. Manalili, Program Chair, School of Business Administration, AU in Pasay. 



        On April 3, 2016 the first batch of would-be students of Senior High School from Jose Abad Santos Campus had its Completion Ceremony at the campus grounds . They would be the pioneers of the K-12 Program, one of the most important developments in the Philippine educational system.

        The completers were headed by Angelika R. Centeno, Valedictorian and Leadership Awardee. She received the FlorentinoCayco Memorial Scholarship Medallion.

        The 1st Junior High School Completion Ceremony was heldtogether with the 4thPre-School Department Commencement Exercises . Shane Anne R. Ravenera, First Honors, headed the graduating pre-schoolers.

        The Guest Speaker of the occasion was Ms. Corazon Dayro-Ong, Presiident of CDO, who is an alumna of Jose Abad High School, Batch 1960.

        Officials of Arellano University, headed by Chairman and CEO Francisco P.V. Cayco, were present in the event. 




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Jose Abad Santos Campus News(AU Pasay)