Camino Gifted AU With A Back-to-Back Track and Field Championship

Posted: April 8, 2017


How did you learn to run so fast?

This must be the question Immuel Camino is asked, after watching him run like the wind.

Track and Field is made up of several events, and in most of these, the Chiefs have excelled. But it was the performance of Camino in the last two years that gave Arellano University the championship in Seasons 91 and 92 of the NCAA. Proof to this were the MVP Awards he got in the NCAA seasons mentioned. He recalled that at age 14 he had to help his father in farm work in Bukidnon, and to this he ascribed the stamina and strength he has. And in their small town, there were not too many things one could do for recreation except games, and running races was one of them.

As a Chief, he never relented on his training, continuously honing his skill, joining competitions not really for the prize but for his muscle conditioning and experience. At the same time he always found time to study, as this is the first goal of his life, to be a college graduate. His winning game was the 3000m steeplechase which he says is the most difficult event in track and field. He wants to perfect his performance in this event, when he will be joining the Coast Guard after his graduation. But he promised that he will always come back to Arellano University to help the budding track and field athletes of the school that has opened many doors of opportunity for him.

A college graduate, a member of the Philippine Team – Camino, the farmer from Bukidnon, has arrived.