Academic Residency

As a general rule, Arellano University allows its students a maximum term of academic residency of six (6) school years for a four-year course, and seven (7) years for a five-year course. During this maximum term of residency, which is inclusive of summer classes, leaves of absence, and course shifting, the student must complete his/her course and obtain his/her degree or diploma. The term of residency starts from the date of admission/ registration until graduation and/or conferment of degree.

Any student who has already used up his or her maximum term of residency in the University, but does not succeed yet in completing a course or obtaining a degree within the prescribed period, may formally request for an extension of his or her term of residency. The University's Admissions Committee will act on the request and approve or disapprove after a due evaluation of the justifications presented.

An extension of the academic term of residency shall require the student-petitioner to take an additional three-unit subject per semester, exclusive of summer, starting from the expiration date of the maximum term of residency in his or her degree program.

A student can be allowed only two extensions of his or her academic term of residency.