A student is considered officially enrolled for the semester or term if he or she has met all admission requirements and paid his or her tuition fees, either partially or in full.

To ensure an orderly and systematic enrolment, a year level enrolment schedule is being followed. A student should personally work on his enrolment papers.

Students are expected to submit to a regular evaluation and counseling by their respective college deans or advisers. During such evaluation, the student will be advised on the progress of his or her academic and curricular performance, sequencing and scheduling of subjects. Students are also encouraged to discuss with their advisers such other matters affecting their overall educational welfare such as, but not limited to, career planning and guidance and counseling.

As a general rule, students are not allowed to drop, add or change subjects after enrolment under any circumstance. In extreme cases where this cannot be avoided, the student should submit adequate justification and have this approved in the form and manner prescribed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.