Enrolment Procedure

New Student

A. The new student goes to the Registrar's Office to:

  1. Submit required admission credentials (Form 138, Certificate of Good Moral Character for Freshmen; Transcript of Records, Honorable Dismissal, for transfer students)
  2. Fill out the Student Information Sheet (SIS); and
  3. Apply for and obtain a Student Number before proceeding to the Dean's Office of his/her college

B. The student goes next to the Office of the Dean of his/her College to:

  1. Fill out the Student Enrolment Form; and
  2. Get approval of the class schedule or schedule of subjects to be taken during the term. (The class adviser or the college dean must sign the class schedule form).

C. The student returns to the Registrar's Office to:

  1. Submit the Student Enrolment Form for encoding and assessment of fees based on the approved class schedule or subjects to be taken; and
  2. Present a Discount Form, if any to avail of the tuition/other fee discount privilege.

D. After encoding and assessment, the student goes to the Bursar's Office to:

  1. Present his/her Student Enrolment Form; and
  2. Pay the tuition and other fees for the term.

E. After paying the fees, the student goes back to the Registrar's Office to:

  1. Obtain a print-out of his/her Registration and Assessment Form (RAF); and
  2. Have the RAF signed and stamped "OFFICIALLY ENROLLED."